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  • what is a data file?

A data file is a text (plain) file that contains the information of the case participants.

This file serves as the building block for creating a case in the efiling application.


  • What is a pdf?

A pdf is an image of a document. Usually we use pdf format to store documents that we don't want to modify


  • What is "web-based" application?

An application that can be accessed by pointing the browser to the site of the application.


  • What is Child Support GAJE Efiling?

A Child Support GAJE Efiling application is an application that transmits data and filings from a local child support office to the superior court. the GAJE part of the name stands for Georgia Judicial Exchange.


  • How else is Child Support GAJE Efiling known as?

child support efiling, E-Filing, efiling


  • What is a module or component in efiling?

A module or a component is a part of the application. For example the LegalPreparer, the Attorney, the Clerk parts


  • What are the main modules in efiling?

LegalPreparer, Attorney, Clerk.


  • What do I need to have available before I create a case in Efiling?

Two resources:

    1. The data file containing the information about the case participants

    2. The documents package containing the documents for the initail filing. These documents are the doc-gen word documents that have been converted into pdf.


  • What is Legal Preparer?

A Legal preparer is responsible for interacting with $tars to produce the documents to be filed into court.


  • What does an attorney do with efiling?

An attorney logs on to the system, views the filings sent by the Legal Preparer, signs the necessary documents and if the files and the data appear to be correct sends the filing to the clerk


  • What does a clerk do with efiling?

The clerk reviews the cases sent by the attorney, signs the necessary documents and if the files and the data appear to be correct "accepts" the filings and "queues" the filings for import.


  • Does efiling "talk" to $STARS?

No, efiling uses resources from $stars. These resources can found on the machine of the user and are not extracted from $tars by the efiling application.


  • How does efiling communicate with the case management system of a court?

Through web services.


  • What does a vendor need to do to accept transmissions from efiling?

The vendor must create a program that on demand downloads cases accepted by the clerk and imports them into the local cms