Testimonial Quotes from DCSS Staff and Clerks

Fulton County:

The Director of the Georgia Division of Child Support Services, Keith Horton, was a leading advocate for bringing e-filing to Fulton County because of the potential savings in personnel hours: “E-filing is an incredible tool which will save our clients and our employees’ time as they move through the child support process,” says Horton.

The Chief Assistant District Attorney for the Fulton County Division of Child Support Services Office, Regina Mincey, has experienced noticeable benefits from the new e-filing system: “Due to the volume (of child support cases filed), e-filing helps with the efficiency of processing cases as well as it frees up other functions for DCSS to collect payments,” says Mincey.

Arivey Meeks, Chief Administrative Officer of the Fulton Superior Court Clerk: “The Clerk’s Office is positively impacted by electronic filing or the electronic recording of documents by cost savings, being able to better assist attorneys as well as better serving the general public,” says Meeks.


Bibb County:

Judith Sanders, DCSS Office Manager, Macon:

“The legal secretaries no longer have to generate the documents then spend hours at the copier making copies to send to the clerk for filing, and then spend additional hours at the copier making copies once the documents have been filed,” says Sanders.

“No comparison,” says Sanders. “What’s to compare? E-filing saves so much in time and storage. It’s a win, win, win for the Division of Child Support Services, the Clerk and the Attorney!”


Washington County:

Clerk of Superior Court Joy Conner’s insight was instrumental in bringing e-filing to Washington County:

“I was very optimistic from the beginning. I could see the benefits (of e-filing) and our experiences have been great! I would advocate e-filing for other counties,” says Conner.

“We have so many (other types of) filings and now not to have to worry about child support…we would not go back, the saving of time, we don’t even touch the document!” says Conner.

Andy Hudson, an agent with the Division of Child Support Services: “It enables us to service the public much more quickly,” says Andy Hudson.

Sherita Peeler, Special Assistant Attorney General who works out of the Sandersville DCSS Office agrees with Hudson and says that in some instances a new child support case can be established and filed all in the same day:

“It has increased the same day service cases dramatically. In some cases, the non-custodial parent can come into the office (after being notified) and we can get the case filed in 10 minutes!” says Peeler.