What is the GAJE System?

         The  Georgia Judicial Exchange Child Support E-Filing System is the electronic transmission of Child Support data and the documents from the local DCSS offices throughout the state of Georgia to the Superior Courts they file into.The system is a web-based application that enables the Superior Courts to import electronically transmitted civil filings from the child support offices into their local case management system (CMS).The Judicial Council- AOC was contracted by the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) to develop, deploy and maintain GAJE.
         Three different ways to accept court filings:         
Direct Connection – Working with the court’s case management (CMS) vendor or local IT to download and import pleadings that are first reviewed on the GAJE website (www. gaje.georgiacourts.gov) then sent to the court’s CMS
Direct Connection with CMS Review – Working with the court’s case management (CMS) vendor or local IT to directly download, review, sign and then import pleadings to the court’s CMS
Clerk’s Authority Integration - Through a cooperation with the Georgia Superior Courts Clerks’ Cooperative Authority, court vendors can download Child Support civil pleadings delivered through the Authority’s web service and import/file directly into the court’s CMS