Who benefits from the system

Georgia’s DCSS is a pioneer among states’ child support agencies for recognizing the benefits inherent to the automation of court related documents and electronic filing.

The primary purpose of the GAJE Child Support e-filing system is to automate the current manual workflow process of DCSS civil proceedings and to support system interoperability and secure data exchange among the agency and the superior courts of Georgia.

The system benefits the agency and courts by enabling internal process improvement and efficient resource allocation. Additionally, DCSS and the courts benefit from increased access to justice system data, improved document imaging and management capabilities, system interoperability, and an additional layer of data redundancy which strengthens Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plans in place at each court.

The system enables the state to experience a reduction in the costs of maintaining a manual process and paper-based file system and a reduction in the amount of time required to initiate a child support petition through DCSS, docket the case at the superior court and complete the process of service. Specifically, there is a substantial reduction in paper usage, storage costs, travel costs, and person hours required to produce and file redundant instances of documentation in a paper-based file system. By shortening this time cycle, the state is able to further marginalize the per-case costs incurred by the courts and the DCSS.

The automation of primary business functions at local offices of the DCSS and in the superior courts of Georgia allows these entities to allocate organizational resources in a more efficient manner.

The speed and accuracy of document delivery improves time management and decreases the chances of committing errors. Monetary costs and storage space are drastically reduced as the number of required physical copies of documents across the workflow is mitigated.